What are the best uses of kubotans for self-defense? The answer may surprise you.

How Civilians Can Defeat Attackers Using a Kubotan

A kubotan? A kubaton? Very few folks know what it is, but it remains one of the best-kept secrets of law enforcement and self-defense experts. Precisely, that not many are familiar with it is on the long list of its advantages. What are the best uses of kubotans for self-defense a novice user ought to know? One is to carry self-defense in plain sight. It is a barely recognizable weapon. Even if your attacker seizes it from you, he would not know what to do with it, much less how to counter it.

For that matter, the attacker would be hard pressed to grab yours because kubotans are about as long as fingers and as thin as pencils. All he would see is a rod-like object with either pointed or flat tips, affixed to a key ring like any normal key chain. Their size and unassuming appearance are more benefits.

Made with aluminum or tough plastic, kubotans are used flexibly to beat the bony parts of the body plus jab the fleshy parts. Strike the shin, arm, collarbone, hipbone, kneecap, ankle, and nerve points. Ram the throat, solar plexus, stomach, groin, soft tissue and pressure points. There are no right or wrong maneuvers, but hit hard. No matter where, kubotans inflict tremendous pain, which can be so immense it paralyzes momentarily.

A very strategic use for kubotans is to loosen the offender’s grip. Slap his wrist with one so he would drop his weapon, remove his hold of you or lose his grasp of a post. In fact, kubotans are part of police training on pain compliance techniques and takedowns. Learning them takes no more than hour.

One use of kubotans in law enforcement is to extract those resisting arrest by clinging onto doors or poles. Another is to extricate them with the least amount of disturbance in populated situations like concerts, queues and bars.

A kubotan, sometimes called mistakenly a kubaton, is unregulated in the U.S. except on airplanes. You can take it to any American state or city for self-defense.